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We recognize that each organization has a unique set of needs. As such,
we take an approach based on customer driven principles:

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Partner Driven - As your trusted partner in security, your needs are our first priority. We work alongside you as partners, offering services and deliverables that fit your specific needs and budget.

Applicable Solutions - We have been on the receiving end of security deliverables and often times the deliverables were not applicable or feasible. We work to provide actionable, feasible, and applicable information to enhance your security, not outlandish or infeasible information.

World Class Talent - Our engineers and staff have experience solving some of the most difficult challenges in security. We leverage our deep experience to provide services that meet your needs.

Exceeding Industry Standards - We understand that your organization needs to meet compliance standards set forward by law. We also recognize that compliant does not always mean secure. As such, we offer services and offerings that exceed and go well beyond the minimum requirements.

Product Recommendations – Our extensive experience testing different security products enables us to offer you non-biased advice on the best products for your specific needs and budget.



Alpha Defense is an information security company comprised of experienced engineers and consultants who passionately work alongside partners in the establishment of a robust security posture.

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We create customizable, flexible, and practical security solutions for our clients, by addressing their organizations specific concerns and goals and providing actionable and detailed steps to accomplish them. Our services go beyond a simple test or assessment; we embrace the concerns of our customers and make them our own, allowing us to partner with our customers to provide them with a comprehensive information security solution. 

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